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Wine Reviews

When my partner and I  went back to Canada for a visit, one of the first things we did was go to the grocery store to pick up a bottle of Luxton Cabernet Sauvignon. This red wine is so user-friendly. It has a lush body with a ton of dark juicy fruits. It doesn’t have a lot of acid or tannin, but the juiciness almost makes up for that and adds more body than you would expect. You can pick up Luxton in grocery stores in Canada, such as Safeway or Save-on-Foods, for as little as $10. I’m just waiting for the States to catch up!  However, I will say that I have discovered a super delicious red wine in our American grocery store, which I will review very soon... To be continued

Luxton Red


This review may be slightly colored by my surroundings while enjoying this wine. It was our first night at this beautiful chalet we’d rented in Kimberley, BC. We were eating homemade spaghetti my dad made, and I hadn’t seen him for a while. It was a happy gathering, and this wine went well with the feel of the evening, back home being taken care of by my Papa.

It’s light and easy to drink with notes of cherry and bright berries. It has a minimal finish and not a ton of body, but it went down easy, and for a price of 8.99 CAN, I would drink this again. President's Choice is a line of Canadian grocery products that usually sell at a value price. I hope American grocery outlets will catch on to the trend and start producing their own inexpensive, quality proxies. I have a feeling they will fly off the shelves if they are anywhere near my area. ;)

PC Cabernet Sauvignon

President's Choice

This sparkling is a beautiful salmon color and has a lovely nose
 of raspberry, strawberry, and cherry. Made in Germany from Spanish tempranillo grapes, this wine retains many of its original aromas. The mouthfeel is similar to the feel of an alcoholic sparkling due to the carbonation, but the wine doesn’t deliver the full flavor profile foreshadowed in the aroma. However, it is still pleasant enough to drink, and I would serve it at an alfresco luncheon on a warm summer day.

Sparkling Rose

Thomson and Scott Noughty

Teetotler Vin Blanc is produced in Spain and is available in Canada and the USA. This is the first wine I have tasted from their collection, and I’m anxious to taste their sparkling rose which recently won several awards. The Vin Blanc was quite delightful and opened up as it warmed, displaying a bouquet of tropical fruit on both the nose and mouth with hints of stone fruit and banana with a little grassiness on the finish.

Teetotaler Vin Blanc

Teetotaler Wines

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