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Join The NA Sommelier for Mocktail Classes at PCC This Summer

Elevate Your Summer Sips

Join Juanita Unger, founder of The NA Sommelier, for an immersive mocktail-making experience at PCC. With her extensive background in the service industry and a passion for non-alcoholic beverages, Juanita will guide you in creating sophisticated mocktails using innovative techniques and flavor-balancing methods.

What You'll Learn

  • Flavor Balance: Master cocktail family templates and Mindful Mixology techniques.

  • Texture Creation: Make "magical syrups and potions" like oleo saccharum and salt serums.

  • Taste & Experiment: Sample NA offerings and explore infused syrups, super juices, and shrubs.

Class Menu

  • The New Fashioned: Smoky, citrusy, rich

  • Hibiscus Rose Sour: Floral, tart, frothy

  • Puglian Spritz: Bitter, bubbly, aromatic

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