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Come Explore Low and No ABV Lands with Me.

The NA Sommelier was born out of my journey from wine-snob service-industry girl, to sober-curious lady, to fully alcohol-free, and a bit too excited about it, alpha geek.


I am loving life without alcohol, in no small part due to the plethora of delicious alcohol alternatives popping up on the market. I am a traveler at heart, and exploring these products is like exploring uncharted territory. There are some truly magical places as well as some doozies, and I am here for all of it.  


So hop in the car, crank up the Lizzo, and let's road trip together!  


Juanita Unger, NA Sommelier founder, sipping a delicious NA treat in Ostuni, Puglia

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My Offerings Include...



I am always looking to meet new folks! 

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