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PC Cabernet Sauvignon

President's Choice

Tasting Notes


Cherry, dried plum and raisin


Juicy, bright raspberry and strawberry





Pairs well with good company

Overall Impression

This review may be slightly colored by my surroundings while enjoying this wine. It was our first night at this beautiful chalet we’d rented in Kimberley, BC. We were eating homemade spaghetti my dad made, and I hadn’t seen him for a while. It was a happy gathering, and this wine went well with the feel of the evening, back home being taken care of by my Papa.

It’s light and easy to drink with notes of cherry and bright berries. It has a minimal finish and not a ton of body, but it went down easy, and for a price of 8.99 CAN, I would drink this again. President's Choice is a line of Canadian grocery products that usually sell at a value price. I hope American grocery outlets will catch on to the trend and start producing their own inexpensive, quality proxies. I have a feeling they will fly off the shelves if they are anywhere near my area. ;)

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