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Chicago Mule

About the Recipe

This cocktail is our take on a Moscow Mule inspired by Vers'eau Great Lakes' Aperitif.

According to their website, “Vers'eau was created in Chicago and Southwest Michigan as a love letter to the Great Lakes.” The product is inspired by and made from locally sourced ingredients. I liked this brand immediately as I have a strong connection with Lake Michigan spending many summers on its shores with my Mom’s side of the family and Christmases in Chicago basking in the twinkling lights down Michigan Avenue.

Vers'eau induced major nostalgia for my late mother’s beautiful birthplace, but it’s also just really freaking delicious. I decided to try and pair it with a little spicy Reed's ginger beer and a bit of lemon. The outcome was phenomenal and layered. The Chicago Mule starts crisp and light with notes of lime and ginger and then moves across the tongue with notes of dark juicy fruit and bitter herbs, leaving a spicy finish that lingers leisurely. Try it and let me know if you agree.



Step 1

In clean shaker with a few pieces ice, shake together lime and Vers'eau Aperitif.

Step 2

Pour mix into short highball glass.

Step 3

Pour Ginger Beer over mixture

Step 4

Garnish with fresh lime wedge and blackberry, serve and enjoy!

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