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Spiced mango and passion-fruit

Tasting Notes


Tropical fruits and nuts


Almonds, spiced tropical fruits and smokey agave





If the mocktail of yore, acted its age

Overall Impression

This offering from New York’s Avec, reminds me a bit of a tropical tiki cocktail minus the overly sweet one-tone quality of most alcoholic Tiki beverages. With only 6 grams of sugar and plenty of complexity, including hits of almond, chili and American oak, this drink delivers more flavor and fun without the guilt.


Chicago commuter train addition*

*On a recent trip to Chicago, I visited the amazing Bendicion Dry Bar and bought a bunch of RTD cocktails that I could not wait to open. So I tested them on the commuter train that night on my way back to the burbs where I was staying. Stay tuned for the upcoming  on my trip!

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