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Paloma Libre

Tasting Notes


Smoke, orange, citrus fruits


vanilla oaked bbq, corriander, cinnamon, grapefruit





Some like it smokey

Overall Impression

When I was in Chicago, I visited my first Non-Alcoholic bottle shop, Bendicion. (Read more about my amazing experience here) I asked the ever-gracious and overall badass owner, Christina Torres, for everything she had that was smokey, and she certainly steered me in the right direction with this one because it is smoke in a bottle.

However, I found it was a bit too smokey for me; the smoke flavor almost seemed fake. I had difficulty not feeling like I was drinking BBQ sauce straight from the bottle whenever I went for a sip. That said, it was better when I mixed it with something else. I would use this in small doses to add a smoky character to a cocktail, maybe a Ritual tequila margarita like this one The Sober Barkeep does so well.


Chicago commuter train addition*

*On a recent trip to Chicago, I visited the amazing Bendicion Dry Bar and bought a bunch of RTD cocktails that I could not wait to open. So I tested them on the commuter train that night on my way back to the burbs where I was staying. Stay tuned for the upcoming  on my trip!

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