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Fiore Frizzante

Tasting Notes


White pepper, clove, grapefruit, orange


White pepper, lemon, clove, orange





A cold, complex take on mulled cider

Overall Impression

I tried this one late one night after a long day at work. Fiore Frizzante acted like the grown-up beverage I needed in that its flavor and body were strong enough to make me feel like I was transitioning from the work to the play a part in my day. There are a lot of warm spices on this one, with a standout being clove. Reminded me of a bit of a mulled cider. My sister loved this one and said she felt like she was drinking a "real" drink


Chicago commuter train addition*

*On a recent trip to Chicago, I visited the amazing Bendicion Dry Bar and bought a bunch of RTD cocktails that I could not wait to open. So I tested them on the commuter train that night on my way back to the burbs where I was staying. Stay tuned for the upcoming  on my trip!

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