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Non-alcoholic G+T

Tasting Notes


Juniper, cracked pepper, lime


Pine, bitter orange, lemon, black pepper





Are you sure this is NA?

Overall Impression

This is hands down the best substitute NA gin and tonic I have tasted so far. Not only does it have the body and flavor of an actual gin and tonic but the burn oh, the burn! This drink actually burns in the right place. Whereas many NA beverages try to replicate the burn of alcohol with a lot of burn up front on the lips and mouth, this one succeeds in warming the center of your chest like a real alcoholic cocktail. Try it straight out of the can or over ice with a Campari substitute such as Wilderton’s Bittersweet Apperativo for a quick Negroni style cocktail to make for a quick and easy crowd-pleaser when guest stop by unannounced.


Chicago commuter train addition*

*On a recent trip to Chicago, I visited the amazing Bendicion Dry Bar and bought a bunch of RTD cocktails that I could not wait to open. So I tested them on the commuter train that night on my way back to the burbs where I was staying. Stay tuned for the upcoming  on my trip!

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