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Why I care, and why you should too.

Many years in the service industry (and my innate inner Miss piggy) have made me a food a beverage junkie. I love dining out and trying new things. As a person who also no longer consumes alcohol, I am constantly looking for restaurants that can offer an adult drinking experience without the booze.


I am not alone, as more and more individuals are choosing to limit or eliminate alcohol consumption. Selfishly, I want all the restaurants to have options for me to enjoy, but also, the hospitality industry has a tremendous business opportunity to meet their customers' changing needs in this sector. A recent study by Distill Ventures showed an increase in the non-alcoholic industry in restaurants with 83% of bar managers in the LA area stating that non-alcoholic beverages are a part of a growing trend. In fact, 40 % of bars and restaurants in LA now offer Non-Alcoholic specific drink menus.


I can help your restaurant adapt to this market shift by leveraging my extensive service industry experience and expertise in non-alcoholic and low-alcohol products. I'll guide you through the dynamic landscape of No and LO ABV offerings and help you create a menu that will satisfy my..I mean.. your guests changing needs. Let's get started!

Dried Oranges
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