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Stanely Park IPA

Stanley Park Brewing Company

Tasting Notes


Pine, hops, lemon


Lemon, tropical fruits and pine





Refreshing and approachable

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Overall Impression

I was so excited to see that Stanley Park Brewery has come out with nonalcoholic options when I returned to Canada. This beer was so easy to drink that I went through almost two 4 packs before I got around to actually making tasting notes. I was not the only one to enjoy it as my not-at-all-sober dad also bought a four-pack and brought the beers along with us to a cookout at Horseshoe Lake in the East Kootenays.

My aforementioned no-at-all-sober dad doesn’t normally drink nonalcoholic beer, but since I’ve started to explore this world, he has become more open to it, and he actually is now purposefully buying a mix of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beer. This seems to be the trend with many folks who are using non-alcoholic beverages to cut down on their consumption, but I digress…

As I said, this beer was very easy to drink. It was the perfect IPA to crack at the end of the day beside a crackling fire at the base of the mountains. It is equal parts refreshing, approachable, and interesting. Do yourself a favor and buy the whole four-pack, not just the single, as you will want another one...and maybe another. Cheers!

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