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Grapefuit IPA

Vandestreek Brewery

Tasting Notes


Grapefruit oil, citrus fruits,


Refreshing bite of grapefruit peel with malt in the middle and more bitter bite on the finish





A head turner, bitter and brash

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Overall Impression

I tasted this beer around the table with my partner, father, and sister on our recent trip to British Columbia’s Kootenay region. Everyone around the table had a unique and very expressive response to this particular offering from the Netherlands’ Vandestreek Brewery. My sister, who loves sours, was all about it and could not stop taking sips and exclaiming her delight. My partner, on the other hand, took one sip and said, “Wow, I do not like that at all; it tastes like biting into the white part of a grapefruit peel.” That description is entirely accurate, but for me and my sister, in a good way - different strokes, as always. I enjoyed how refreshing and commanding of my attention it was. I would be interested to try this in a margarita as it would add complexity, citrus, and body.

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